This is quite an old project but it’s so different to all the other projects in my portfolio I have decided to include it. Ecotex the company behind School Bags approached me in the summer of 2009. They had been running an old clothes collection service from local schools but it was struggling to gain traction. They asked me to design pretty much everything to help them market their relatively new venture.

They didn’t have anything, so I had to create a logo and a style for the brand before going on to design their website, flyers, stickers and other marketing collateral. This was a really time consuming project as all the artwork was created from scratch as vectors in Adobe Illustrator.

The website received a great reception and we did plan to add a series of Flash games but these never came to fruition. Although time consuming this was a great project to work on. It was really refreshing to create artwork for such as young target audience and I really hope I get the chance to do work for this audience again in the future.