My Funky Fun are a social media marketing start-up based in Bradford, West Yorkshire. They approached me in the summer of 2012 to design and WordPress theme for their company website which was really going to be more of a blog than traditional company website.

The design of this website was very much a collaborative process. I initially designed a couple of style tiles for My Funky Fun but they had quite a firm idea of how they wanted the site to look. We eventually designed the website together. This was entirely designed in Photoshop and together we designed a series of static visuals for each area of the website.

From these visuals I created a set of HTML templates before hooking the templates up to WordPress. My Funky Fun were very pleased with the results although they didn’t take the website live at the time as they were still working things out with their business. Although this site is fixed width I still really like it and it was hard to finish a site and not take it live. Hopefully soon it will be live and enjoyed by the visitors to the site.