Magiglide commissioned me to create new product Photography, videos and a new website in July 2013. Their old website was looking out of date and had been built using the CMS (Content Management System) Drupal. Now Drupal is a fine CMS but the Magiglide team never really used it so it was a lot of bloat for no gain. This made the site slow and unresponsive.

A new brand look had recently been established for Magiglide so it made designing the website style relatively straight forward. A full set of black and white wireframes were created to establish content and layout. Once these were approved all remaining design work was carried out in the web browser.

The Magiglide website is static, meaning that it doesn’t have a CMS powering it. I really wanted to keep everything as lean as possible so I choose not to use any pre-built framework and coded everything from scratch. The site makes use of SVG, Icon Fonts and is fully responsive (meaning the website scales to fit the screen size of the device it is being viewed on). The final code base is incredibly lean and is super fast as a result.

The Magiglide team were very pleased with the results and have since commissioned Qwerty Design to design Mailchimp email templates to tie into the website design.