Magiglide commissioned me to create new product photography, a new website and a series of product videos in the summer of 2013. Magiglide predominantly sell online so having videos that clearly explain the product are pretty much essential.

Magiglides are little discs that fit under furniture to enable it move easily. The videos needed to show the various uses for the product and also explain to the consumer how to choose the right size and style of Magiglide.

A series of scripts were provided for each of the five videos. It was quite tricky to get the appropriate footage to match these whilst ensuring the videos flowed nicely and weren’t becoming too long. I did a rough cut for each of the videos with just my own voice before we recorded the final voice overs with a professional actress. We used a company in London called Big Fish Media to record the voice overs and they were great to work with. We actually directed the audio recordings over Skype which worked better than I thought it would.

The videos were shot over the course of two days at Mill Stone Studios in Bradford. The cameraman on this shoot was Paul Kerrigan. Paul is a fantastic cameraman who has years of experience and has worked for both the BBC and Channel 4.