I have designed and coded Jay-Be’s website since 2003. The website has been in its present guise since June 2010. This website is always changing as we are continually adding and improving certain aspects.

Jay-Be have a strong brand identity and have quite strict brand guidelines that the website needs to adhere to, ensuring brand consistency across all media. Jay-Be use their website as a model to show their retailers how best to showcase their products online so its critical that the products are shown in their best light.

Jay-Be supply some of the biggest retailers, not just in the UK but all over the world and they need a convenient way to provide to the retailers their images, videos and product copy. To manage this we create a private client area, branded to match the retailer in question. We have this and a generic client area. We find that the retailers love this functionality and they tell us that it makes their jobs much easier.

With this website being originally created in 2010 it isn’t responsive but it does actually view very well on most tablets. We do plan however to create a responsive version of the site. Jay-Be also want to add support for multiple languages so I think I will put the website into a content management system at some point this year. I didn’t do this originally as Jay-Be didn’t really want or need the ability to edit the website themselves.