Jay-Be are a Yorkshire based company that sell their guest beds, sofa beds and mattresses all over the world. Jay-Be are a quickly evolving company, going from strength to strength and they needed their new website to reflect this. As you can see they have a very strong, recognisable brand which made creating designs around it very enjoyable.

I work very closely with Jay-Be and their creative team, they are a fantastic company to work with. Work started on the site at the start of 2018. Designs were created. This time around I choose to use the excellent Adobe XD I do prefer this to using Sketch or any other tool that I’ve tried to date. I still find it impossible to design in the web browser. Does anyone actually do this?

Once designs had been approved by Jay-Be I coded the website. This was a really enjoyable process for me as I’d not coded a website from scratch for ages as much of my work is repeat day-to-day stuff. Jay-Be are wanting a site that they can change on a regular basis, one that they can really make their own so I wanted complete control over the code base. I therefore didn’t use any frameworks such as Bootstrap etc instead I choose to create everything myself.

The results speak for themselves really and Jay-Be are very pleased with the results. We are already adding and improving the site. I’m currently in the process of adding a FAQ section and adding some animation to liven things up a little.