During the latter part of 2014 I worked very closely with Jay-Be to manage their new sofa bed photography and videos. Together we managed every aspect of the shoot from organising the props and room set design to booking models. The sofas are available in 20 fabrics so it took a lot of planning and deliberation to decide which to shoot and in which set.

We shot five sofa beds and one footstool bed and the shoot took approximately two months to plan and one month in the studio. I also did all the retouching and colour work on the final photography. I also filed and provided the final files to Jay-Be.

This was a great project and certainly the largest I’ve been involved with to date. The images have gone down very well with Jay-Be’s retailers and we are just starting to add them to the Jay-Be website. The photographer and studio we used was John Chilton Photography at Mill Stone Studios Bradford.