Jay-Be wanted to create a video that showcased one of their entry level folding beds, the Evo. With this being an entry level product they wanted to focus more on the different uses for the product as opposed to the actual features of the product its self.

We wrote down what we thought were great uses for the product and then thought of ways we could show these in the video. We knew the video had to be short and we also wanted the video to move from scene to scene at a quick pace. We originally planned on doing the camping shots outside of the studio but in the end this turned out to be too impractical and was going to add a lot of expense to the shoot. The only shot we did do outside was the car boot for obvious reasons.

The video only took one day to shoot, the car boot was shot on a separate day. The room set, props and model took about two weeks to organise and plan. After the first rough cut we knew we had achieved something pretty special. It took about five or six cuts to finally finish the video. The finished video was then used on the Jay-Be website, Vimeo and YouTube. The video was also made available for download to all Jay-Be retailers. We’ve had some really positive feedback from the video and this style is one that we’ll consider for future videos.

The cameraman on this shoot was Paul Kerrigan. Paul is a fantastic cameraman who has years of experience and has worked for both the BBC and Channel 4.