Qwerty Design were recommended to Greenfields Research at the start of 2012. Greenfields Research is the company name of John P Sykes who is a Geologist based in Perth, Western Australia. John wanted a blog style website where he could make a record of his technical papers. WordPress is ideal for this type of website and John was already familiar with it so it made this decision very easy.

John wanted a custom theme designing with a unique look to match the Greenfields brand. John also wanted to create something custom so we could grow and change the site in the future. For example one thing we do intend to add is a case studies section.

I created two style guides in Sketch for John and he liked both but ended up going with the clean look you can see in the slides above. This was the style I liked the most too. Once the style had been approved I created a set of static HTML templates ready to hook up to WordPress. I prefer to create set of templates first for a number of reasons, mainly because it allows me to focus on the front end code rather than the WordPress theme code. It also means you have the just the HTML code should you choose to move away from WordPress in the future.

I then took the HTML templates and converted them into a WordPress theme. The theme allows John to change pretty much every aspect of the website right down to the home page slider. John was really happy with the finished website. At some point in 2015 I think he does plan to add the Case Studies section and at this point I will suggest that we make the website responsive. This was actually the last fixed width website I built.