The main design of the Foam for Comfort website was first designed and built in 2010 and it’s now starting to show its age in some areas. The site is also fixed width and doesn’t view too well on smaller mobile devices.

It more than deserves it’s place in my portfolio for the work we have done recently to their quoting system. (slides above) The products that Foam for Comfort sell are bespoke and relatively complicated. My primary challenge was to make these bespoke products as easy for the customer to buy as possible. I achieved this in a number of ways. Firstly by bringing a clean, uncluttered visual design to the pages. Keeping all the steps on a single page without refreshing and by keeping all relevant supporting information one click away via the use of a light box.

These quote pages have been produced for several different product ranges and have received some excellent feedback from both the Foam for Comfort staff and more importantly their customers. As well being used for quoting and selling online the staff at Foam for Comfort also use these pages as a guide when selling to customers over the phone.

Foam for Comfort are a regular customer of Qwerty Design and now we have these quoting pages complete we plan on re-designing the site and making it responsive. We also plan on taking some new photography for a couple of their key ranges.