This was quite a challenging project. Farnley Fayre an artisan cake creator had paid a graphic designer to create the look she wanted for her new website. Farnley Fayre hired me to code the website, which in this case was to create the WordPress theme. This was the first and only time I’ve worked in this manner as I normally create the design myself.

Farnley Fayre wanted to be able to edit every area of the site, this included an events section, the home page animation and of course the cakes themselves. They have three types of cakes, Wedding, Birthday and Specialty.

The cakes have quite specific information associated with them so I knew it wasn’t going to be enough to just use the standard post or page in WordPress. So I created a Custom Post type for the cakes, events and the home page slider. This is where WordPress really comes into its own. Using a Custom Post type makes it so much easier for the client when they are entering content.

Rather than creating a new post, the client creates a new cake. This makes the data so much more structured and meaningful. It enables me to create whatever fields in the WordPress admin I need to create the front end. In this instance we had, title, description, price information, portion guide, ingredients and a section for the client to add images to the gallery. You can see how this looks in WordPress on the final slide above.

Whenever I’ve used Custom Post types the client is blown away with the final result especially if they’ve used WordPress before as it suddenly feels personal and customised to them and their business. It really is a great way to create a website and shows the true power of using a great content management system like WordPress.