Use CMDER with the new Windows Terminal

I’ve not created a post on this blog for a long time and even now its a video post. Better late than never. In this video post I walk you through setting up CMDER with the new Windows Terminal. Together these two tools provide the perfect Linux style terminal experience in Windows 10.

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Adobe Photoshop CC 2017 UI Scaling – Updated Feb 2018

I’ve not wrote a post for a while and this is something I feel I need to rant about. Adobe have taken quite a bit of stick over recent years from the web design community. With many people moving from Photoshop to apps like Sketch. Citing lack of innovation as their primary reason for leaving. I know Adobe have since hit back with XD which I happen to prefer to Sketch but I know for many its too little too late. I’ve actually defended Adobe as for the most part I really like their software and I do think they innovate. The creative industry has a lot to thank Adobe for in my opinion.

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Indispensable apps for Windows

I recently posted this video to YouTube listing five of my most indispensable applications for Windows. These are just small utilities really but make my day-to-day computing experience so much easier and more efficient. Check out the video and let me know what you think below in the comments. If you can suggest any alternatives to these I’d really appreciate your input.

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Ten issues with Windows 10

Back in 2007 I decided to buy my first Mac. I’d heard for years about how OS X was better than Windows and I wanted to finally see for myself what all the fuss was about. Apple had just nicely got over their Intel CPU integration and OS X Leopard had just come out so it seemed like there was no better time.

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WordPress Custom Post Type Pagination Issue

Just a quick one. I’ve been creating a theme that uses three different post custom post types and I just couldn’t get pagination working. By pagination I just mean a link to see older / newer posts. This was working fine for standard posts but not my custom post types.

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