Dedicated Web Hosting

Qwerty Design offer high quality web and email hosting with one of the web’s most respected hosts. All of our packages come with unlimited web space and email addresses. Qwerty Design have a dedicated web server ensuring maximum performance for your website or web app. Our hosting is super fast and has 99.999% up-time. It’s ideal for WordPress powered websites which the same can’t be said of cheaper shared hosting solutions. Our packages are renewed annually.

Domain Registration / Renewal

Don’t have the worry of missing domain renewals, Qwerty Design can register and manage your domains to ensure everything is kept up to date. We always register domains to you so you’ll have complete ownership.

Online Back-up / Archival

Keeping backups of your data is crucial. Even if you use a cloud based storage service such as Dropbox you still need to make sure that all your files are covered and one thing Dropbox doesn’t do is offer incremental backups. It can be a massive cost saver to be able to go back to a previous version of a folder / file. Dropbox only really keeps a copy of the current state of your hard drive plus any deleted files.

Qwerty Design can take snap shots of your data as often as you like. This is then stored on Amazon’s S3 storage for safe archival and retrieval. If you like to know more about this service please contact me.