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1Password 4 for iOS – Review

There are loads of great applications available for Mac OS X that I just love and that make my day to day computing experience so pleasurable. Coda, TextExpander, Things, Billings and of course 1Password. It’s this endless library of quality software that makes choosing to use a Mac over a Windows based PC a very easy one.

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Download a Client Login

Recently I had to build a client login for one of my clients Jay-Be. They only required something straight forward so I didn’t want to complicate matters by using a database, security also wasn’t a primary concern as the client login only provides access to marketing assets so nothing super secret. Although the requirements were fairly modest I wanted something that looked smart and I didn’t want to send users off to a separate login page so I knew I would need some kind of jQuery Modal Window.

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Retina Display

Ready for Retina Display

This post is the first in my three part series on future proofing your website. I am writing these posts specifically for my clients. The three subjects I want to raise are: Being Retina Display Ready, Being Responsive and having a Cookie Policy. Out of the three this is probably the least crucial but is still something you need to be aware of.

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Photoshop CS6 Logo

CS6 Favourite Features

I have been using Photoshop since version 7. I spend a good portion of my working days using Photoshop so when a new release is released by Adobe I’m always eager to try it out. I downloaded Photoshop CS6 when Adobe made the Beta available back in March and although its more evolution than revolution it does have some nice new features, I’ve listed the ones I’ve found most useful below.

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Final Cut Pro

Something different…

Over the last few months I’ve been doing some video editing for one of my clients Jay-Be it’s the first time I’ve done any video editing and I have been loving it. I’ve been using Final Cut Pro X which apart from the odd bug is a great piece of software and I’ve found it really easy to use.

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