I’ve not wrote a post for a while and this is something I feel I need to rant about. Adobe have taken quite a bit of stick over recent years from the web design community. With many people moving from Photoshop to apps like Sketch. Citing lack of innovation as their primary reason for leaving. I know Adobe have since hit back with XD which I happen to prefer to Sketch but I know for many its too little too late. I’ve actually defended Adobe as for the most part I really like their software and I do think they innovate. The creative industry has a lot to thank Adobe for in my opinion.

I digress, back to my rant. I don’t really follow Photoshop development news so I was really pleased to see the update to all CC products last month, October 2017. I eagerly updated Photoshop and fired it up hoping to finally see proper UI scaling in Windows. My hopes were quickly dashed when I opened up the preferences to see the same old settings. WTF Adobe! This has now become really annoying. I have a 3440 x 1440 monitor and I can’t really work properly in Photoshop. The 100% scale just looks tiny and the 200% looks huge with half the UI is missing.

I can’t believe Adobe still haven’t addressed this issue. Having done a little bit of research all they have to say is that the team is looking into it, which several years down the road is simply not good enough in my book. The Adobe suite costs me just under £50 per month and Photoshop is the app I use the most by some margin. Paying approximately £600 a year for something that doesn’t work properly is annoying to say the least. In any other area of life with any other product this just wouldn’t happen. Come on Adobe get your finger out and make this happen, sooner rather than later before you loose even more customers!

By the way I should point out that this post refers to the Windows version. I’ve not used the Mac version for a while so I’m not sure if this problem exists on the Mac. Adobe have updated all of their other main apps so why leave their crown jewel in this state? Any way I’ll leave it there for now. If you have any comments regarding this situation I’d love to here them, please leave your thoughts below.