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New website coming soon!

By on Dec 5, 2014 in General | 0 comments

Pleased to announce that my new website is coming very soon. All being well next week. This time I’ll be showing my work and really improving the blog. I’ll be posting regularily, news, reviews, tutorials both in written and video form. Please check back shortly.

WordPress Custom Post Type Pagination Issue

By on Mar 27, 2014 in Wordpress | 0 comments

Just a quick one. I’ve been creating a theme that uses three different post custom post types and I just couldn’t get pagination working. By pagination I just mean a link to see older / newer posts. This was working fine for standard posts but not my custom post types. My Set up So for example I had a custom post type called Events and I was wanting to display these in a page called page-events.php, so the paginated pages would have the slug, domain/events/page/2 this just would not work. A stripped down version of the code I’m using to output my CPT. The Solution After a little bit of searching around I finally found the answer. Its so straight forward, simply call your page something other than what you have called your CPT. So in my case I renamed my page from events to latest-events in the WordPress admin and therefore in my theme my PHP file was now called...

SEO, establishing a sound strategy.

By on Feb 14, 2014 in SEO, Web Design | 7 comments

The million dollar question… Every single one of my clients at some point ask the million dollar question “So how do I get my site to the top of Google?”. By Google they obviously mean search engines in general but in truth there are only two to consider these days, Google and Bing. I am writing this post to help answer this question. The thing is with SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) it is an accumulative effect and there’s not one quick fix. Sure you can always pay and use Google Adwords (pay to be at the top) but even if you choose to do this you still need to have a proper SEO strategy in place for your website to rank well organically. Besides Google Adwords isn’t always the best solution and it can be very difficult to justify the costs especially if you are not selling online. Consider SEO from the beginning SEO should always be considered from the very beginning of a website....

1Password 4 for iOS – Review

By on Dec 27, 2012 in Mac OS X, Software | 6 comments

There are loads of great applications available for Mac OS X that I just love and that make my day to day computing experience so pleasurable. Coda, TextExpander, Things, Billings and of course 1Password. It’s this endless library of quality software that makes choosing to use a Mac over a Windows based PC a very easy one. 1Password for the Mac is the first application I install on to a new mac and I recommend it to everyone. It just works so well, I use it to store all of my clients data, FTP details, general account info etc. The fact that you can also login into websites automatically is just a nice added bonus for me. I’ve had a copy for my iPad and iPhone and always found these versions to be serviceable but unspectacular, partly to be fair to the limiations of iOS. This brings me to my main point, 1Password 4 for iOS 6, and I think you do have to be running iOS 6 to...